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Gerüstbau Henning in Bad Sassendorf Experience and innovation from one source

Anyone with many years of experience in scaffolding construction knows what is important. Safety and efficiency. We also offer sustainability. To protect the environment. Why do a work step several times if once is enough. That gave us the idea of the permanent scaffold anchor. Why attach scaffolding anchors to the facade again and again when they can stay there.

For this innovative idea we received the SEIFRIZ PRIZE 2015. The Seifriz-Prize is a nationwide transfer prize that rewards the cooperation of craftsmanship and science that leads, for example, to the market-ready development of new products. In Henning's case, it was the development of the scaffolding permanent anchor. We were the first on the market with this idea and this innovative product.

Gerüst-Daueranker-Henning - We think in the system To save you time, money and work...

First we developed the Henning scaffolding permanent anchor. The first permanent anchor with building authority approval. One anchor became a permanent anchor family, suitable for any insulation thickness. Certified and quality-tested: that goes without saying at Henning from Bad Sassendorf.

The permanent anchor is fixed in the facade with a dowel. So step 2 followed our innovative idea. We have the appropriate dowels for every substrate. The plastic plug, the masonry board, the metal plug and the chemical anchor.

After the dowel came the screw, suitable in any length. The penultimate part of our system is the insulation block, which can be shortened individually.

The last but one part of our system: the sealing cap, weather and UV resistant. Dismantle the scaffolding, close the anchors with the sealing cap and paint the facade. In this way, our permanent scaffolding anchors disappear invisibly into your facade and can be used again at any time. Just like the junction boxes in your home.

These advantages are offered by the Henning permanent scaffolding anchor The first permanent scaffolding anchor with building authority approval

Because our permanent anchor becomes part of the facade after the work is done, thermal bridges are avoided. Together with our eyebolts in different shank lengths, the glass fibre reinforced Henning anchor covers the thermal insulation range 140 - 360 millimetres. They do not require special constructions and have reusable anchoring points.

Henning scaffolding permanent anchors - we set new standards.

Our permanent scaffolding anchor combines state-of-the-art technology with certified and approved quality. We have developed it so that you can anchor the working and protective scaffold to the facade in the shortest possible time and with only a few work steps in a cost-effective and stable way. The Henning Permanent Anchor is easy to install and takes our eye bolt through a prefabricated internal thread. In combination with the appropriate eye bolt, the scaffolding permanent anchor withstands a considerable, tested tensile and transverse load. The exact values can be found in the building authority approval.

Made in Germany- Uncompromisingly safe

Our permanent scaffolding anchors are "Made in Germany" with tested brand quality. We are proud of this. Talk to us!

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